Atlas of Climate Change

The booklet features easy-to-use maps and infographics that summarize key facts about climate change and provide relevant context. This material can be valuable for teachers, students, influencers, as well as political and business decision makers. It is primarily intended for non-expert users who want to learn more about one of the greatest challenges that our civilisation is facing today, and who need – as a company, organization or individuals – to be able to successfully navigate through the many changes it brings.

Product photographs of the Atlas of Climate Change showing its cover and several of its pages

O. Přibyla, J. Lněnička, O. Pechník, K. Pšorn Zákopčanová, K. Kolouchová: Atlas of Climate Change. Changes in the Atmosphere and Risks of Warming. Brno: Otevřená data o klimatu, z. ú., 2024. ISBN 978-80-11-03296-8


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The Atlas is free to use for non-commercial purposesunder the terms of the CC BY-NC 4.0 licence.

While Atlas klimatické změny focused on Czech readers, the English version needs to be relevant for a different audience. Hence, it is more than just a translated booklet – some of the infographics and accompanying texts were replaced. For example, the graph showing greenhouse gas emissions in Czechia between 1990 and 2021 was replaced by a similar graph showing GHG emissions in the European Union from 1990 to 2021.

What did NOT change was our approach – every piece of information provided in the Atlas of Climate Change comes from reliable public and transparent sources (e.g. NASA, NOAA and Eurostat), and from renowned scientific journals (Nature, Science, etc.). Short links to the original sources are provided directly in the graphs and maps; original articles and datasets used for calculations are available in Czech at

What will you find inside?

  1. Introduction to climate change – what it is all about and why global warming above 1.5 °C is a problem
  2. Concentrations of carbon dioxide – how these concentrations were changing in the past and how they oscillate around the year
  3. Temperature changes – how different areas on Earth are warming at different speed and why the warming in the 20th century is so fast
  4. How warming is related to increasing CO2 concentrations – this section includes information about research history of greenhouse effect, the concept of carbon budget and emission pathways related to the Paris Agreement
  5. Greenhouse gas emissions in global context – what has changed since 1990, what emissions are produced in different sectors (and how these can be reduced), what is net-zero and which countries have pledged to it
  6. Other sources of reliable information on climate change – a list of inspiring books and useful websites

Need more?

Since the booklet was first published in 2020, our team has created a number of other useful materials that are not included in the booklet. These typically address more specific issues and provide greater detail.

However, the majority of these materials are currently only available in Czech. Should you need the English version of any of them, please consider supporting us and contact us at

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The Atlas of Climate Change is free to use, share and modify for non-commercial purposes under the terms of the CC BY-NC 4.0 licence. You can download it and print it out or work with it electronically.

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